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What do installing/repairing a garage door and marketing a garage door company have in common? Quite a bit, actually. Imagine….your customers are looking for professional, experienced, and quality craftsmanship because they want to avoid the hassle of having to do it themselves. That’s where we come in, our digital marketing team specializes in only working with Garage Door Contractors to unlock their full profit potential.

Garage Door Marketing Pros know what it takes to turn your website into the #1 salesperson in your business. This is done by strategically positioning your company and website online using SEO, PPC/Google Ads, Review Management, Social Media and other digital marketing techniques.

Garage Door Marketing Pros

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3 Easy Steps To More Booked Garage Door Service

Schedule A Strategy Session

A marketing strategy is the foundation of every plan. We would like to learn more about your garage door business so we can align ourselves with your vision.

Strategy Build

Once we have the strategy, time to put it in motion. We will create a full-proof set of blueprints that are specific to your garage door business, your goals, and your target market.

We Deliver Results

Our team will have your phone ringing and email inbox full in no time. Our team is focused on delivering results that provide you with greater ROI.

Why Choose Garage Door Marketing Pros

Customer Exclusiveness

When you choose to collaborate with us, we won't turn around and sign one of your local competitors in the same city. We are solely focused on serving your garage door company as a client of ours.

Industry Experts

Being exceptionally good at one thing is better than being okay on lot of things. Because of this, we only work with garage door professionals like you.

Call & Lead Tracking

In our commitment to staying ahead, we've invested in the latest call and lead tracking technology. This powerful tool allows us to quickly analyze different marketing channels, helping us identify the ones that bring in the best leads for your business, ensuring that your marketing efforts are both efficient and effective.

Complete Transparency

We support complete transparency and offer a real-time dashboard to make tracking progress simple. Never wonder on the effectiveness of your marketing campaign or where your money is spent.


You weren’t going to be reading this if you didn’t want to grow the sales and revenue of your garage door business, would you? The question is, how will you do it properly so you can concentrate on expanding your company?

We have heard that there are numerous options available for business promotion. You probably even managed to do it yourself or tried a few. Those times have passed. It’s time to put the garage door industry’s marketing specialists to work for you. Let Garage Door Marketing Pros’ knowledgeable staff provide the solution. More calls, jobs, and money will come your way.

Garage Door Marketing Pros is proud to be a Google Partner. We are certified in search, display, and video advertising.